Discovery Depot is a ministry of Faith Community Church of the Nazarene, in Yorba Linda, California. This ministry was created with one goal in mind, to serve our local community by caring for the children in our community. Faith Community believes that every family is entitled to consistent, affordable, quality child care at affordable prices. Discovery Depot ministries was created over 30 years ago to ensure that families had access to this right.

Discovery Depot

In 2018, Faith Community furthered its commitment to building relationships by partnering with other Nazarene Churches in efforts to cultivate strong and healthy families in adjacent local communities. It has become our goal today to be united in purpose with other local churches so that we can create a community of children, parents, church and staff members, all interacting and sharing our lives together. We recognize that by doing so, we are most equipped to support young families and give children the tools necessary to meet the challenges of tomorrow’s world.